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Nortel Norstar T Series Phones


Nortel Networks Norstar BCM T Series Phones

Listed below are the T7316e, T7208, and the T7406e cordless

"New Style" T7316/T7316e Executive speakerphone

Nortel T7316   Price: : Call for pricing

What is a T7316/T7316e phone?

Meet the newest member of the Norstar family. The Nortel T7316 executive speakerphone is capable of extensive calling and call handling requirements. The 8 dual-function memory buttons at the top of the phone provide access to additional frequently used features or autodial numbers. T7316e

Who should use a T7316/T7316e phone?

The Nortel T7316 phone is ideal for group answering positions, such as secretaries, managers, professionals, and system administrators. People who require extensive autodialing and feature access would also benefit from using the Nortel T7316. Nortel T7316e

What type of applications use the T7316/T7316e phone?

The Nortel T7316 is useful for departments such as purchasing, sales, or accounting, where the same suppliers, customers, or accounts are frequently called. Norstar system administration is made easy with the Nortel T7316 phone. Nortel T7316e.  Works on Norstar and Nortel BCM phone systems.

"New Style" T7208 Basic speakerphone

Nortel T7208Price:  Call for pricing

What is a T7208 phone?

The Nortel T7208 basic phone is a cost-effective set well suited for lower internal and higher external calling volumes. It supports up to any combination of eight lines and frequently-used features.

Who should use a T7208 phone?

The Nortel T7208 is a good choice for users who require only basic functionality, and who only need a few programmable features and/or autodial numbers.

What type of applications use the T7208 phone?

The Nortel T7208 can be used as a courtesy phone in lobbies, cafeterias, reception areas, or staff lounges. It is also well suited for areas where staff numbers are relatively high compared to the number of telephones need. For example, manufacturing plants, warehouses, retail departments, or repair centers would benefit from the Nortel T7208 phone's basic functionality.  Works on Norstar and Nortel BCM phone systems.

The T7406e Cordless Telephone with Base kit

Nortel T7406

Price: Brand NEW                  Call for pricing
Full pack includes base station
Half Pack additional handset  Call for pricing

What is a T7406e Cordless phone?

The Norstar T7406 Cordless phone offers full access to the functionality of the Norstar system in a compact unit with an approximate 1000' range. 

Who should use a T7406e Cordless phone?

The Nortel T7406e Cordless phone makes an excellent choice for staff members and managers who frequently move about the office, but still need to make and receive calls, as well as check their voice mail messages.

What are the T7406e Cordless phone benefits?

The Nortel T7406e Cordless phone can access all Norstar functions through the use of its Feature key. This full-featured phone has the Norstar characteristic LCD display with the three soft-keys underneath, which provide an easy to use interface for handling calls, transferring calls, or checking voice mail messages. The Nortel T7406e Cordless phone also has six line appearance buttons which illuminate or flash when a line is active.

How does the T7406e Cordless phone work?

The Nortel T7406e Cordless phone kit includes a wall-mountable base unit which can be centrally located in your facility. Each base unit can support up to four Nortel T7406e phones, and a maximum of two base units (eight cordless phones) can be placed on the system. The base unit is connected back to the Norstar system, so the charging cradle only requires an electrical outlet for the power supply. The range has been tested to 1000 feet.  Note that range can be adversely affected by electrical wiring and the steel structure of a facility.  Works on both Norstar and Nortel BCM phone systems

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