Agreement Terms

    • Tel-Systems is offering Services to the Client, including long distance phone services and/or VoIP services.
    • By this Agreement, the Client agrees to subscribe to the Service(s), and Tel-Systems agrees to provide the Service subject to the terms and conditions in this Agreement.
    • Services and Equipment provided by Tel-Systems under this agreement may be used for lawful purposes only.
    • The Client is responsible for ensuring that any service provided by the Client through the use of the Services provided by Tel-Systems satisfies the terms and conditions in this agreement and all other applicable regulations (i.e. CRTC regulations and applicable legislation).
    • Tel-Systems reserves the right to not enable the Client's Account and Services until full payment is received from the Client.
    • Tel-Systems remains the sole owner of the phone and VoIP services, including all telephone numbers, and numbers and addresses for other Services (i.e. IP addresses etc.) that relate to the provisioning of the VoIP service. The Client maintains the right to port the numbers that they are using to another service provider. This right is provided by law.
    • This agreement becomes effective on the date that the Client's Account is activated.
Client Obligations
    • The Client is responsible for proper access and ethical use and agrees to obey rules and regulations of system/service usage as may be imposed by Tel-Systems.
    • Unlimited Canada / USA Sip Services come with a total maximum which is 5% of total minutes per sip trunk useage Heavy users will be billed per minute charges if over useage is detected.
    • The Client will indemnify Tel-Systems and compensate for any loss and harm suffered by improper or abusive use of the Services.
    • The Client is responsible for all charges for Services subscribed to, regardless of who used the Services. The Client is solely responsible in the event of charges arising from the fraudulent use of Service and/or Equipment by a third party.
    • The Client will use the phone services only for "voice". No modem connection will be allowed.
    • Tel-Systems offers Basic 911 emergency services to our clients. The Client is responsible for providing an accurate service address to Tel-Systems.
    • Tel-Systems does not offer any 911 services for USA or International Inbound Phone Numbers and Customers need to sign a 911 Opt out Agreement.
    • Fax calls on Tel-Systems VoIP network are not supported by our technical support services.
Tel-Systems' Rights
    • Tel-Systems will not provide access and Services to any Client that does not provide accurate account and billing information.
    • Tel-Systems reserves the right to change conditions and terms of this service agreement at our discretion of the effective date of the change. By using the service after the effective date, the Client agrees with the new terms and conditions. If the Client does not agree with the new terms and conditions, the Client may cancel this agreement by giving Tel-Systems proper written notice, 15 days in advance of the effective date.
    • Tel-Systems reserves the right to revoke access to Clients for fraudulent use and/or abusive conduct of the services or for non-payment of the service.
    • Tel-Systems will not be responsible for charges that the Client may incur through the improper use of Services.
    • Tel-Systems does not warrant that the Services will be uninterrupted, error free or that the functions will meet the specific requirements of the Client.
    • Maintenance work on the SIP Trunk infrastructure will be completed between 12:00AM and 7:00AM.
    • Tel-Systems will not be liable for any damages incurred in connection with the use or inability to use the services.
    • Tel-Systems is not responsible for the quality of the phone lines and Services or any connection problems or other issues caused by the Services provided.
    • Tel-Systems will not reimburse or credit the Client if the Client wishes to cancel his/her service or if Tel-Systems revokes access for fraudulent or abusive use or non-payment. The balance of the prepaid account is not refundable at any time.
    • Tel-Systems will not reimburse or credit any charges that the Client may have if the service is down.
Service Fees, Payment, Invoice
    • Payment for Services provided by Tel-Systems may be made in the form of Visa, MasterCard, and cheque only.
    • Charges billed will be deemed to be correct if not disputed by the Client within 10 days of the invoiced or charged date.
    • LNP Fee: $35.00/DID. This is the fee for porting a telephone number to the Tel-Systems service. A discounted fee may apply to porting multiple numbers in the same instance.
    • Port Cancellation: If you decide to cancel the porting of a number, a cancellation fee of $125 will be charged if the port has already been submitted to the porting database.
    • By paying the invoice for the mentioned service, the Client agrees that his/her contract is renewed automatically for the period equivalent to the amount paid.
    • The customer may request to select a DID from our list of vanity DIDs. A fee of $50.00 will be charged to manually provision each vanity DID service.
    • If the client cancels their service, the balance of the prepaid account is not refundable or transferable.
    • A cancellation fee of $10 per DID may be applied.
    • The client must provide to Tel-Systems written notice of cancellation of service, via email or otherwise, 30 days before the cancellation date.

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