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NORTEL BCM50 VoIP-enabled Telephone System

Nortel BCM50 3.0 – Now Available!

Business Communications Manager BCM 50

The Business Communications Manager BCM product line provides converged communications systems that deliver Nortel Networks reliable. Business Communications Manager BCM proven voice processing, feature-rich business telephony applications and data networking services as a highly reliable, scalable and integrated voice and data solution. Business Communications Manager BCM is designed to align with the universal core objectives of the single-site, medium-sized and multi-site enterprise.

Business Communications Manager BCM maximizes a company’s profitability by delivering capabilities that reduce network costs and increase employee productivity, while delivering theNortel BCM 50 VoIP phone system unsurpassed reliability our customers have come to expect from Nortel Networks traditional voice solutions. Business Communications Manager BCM provides the ultimate in choice and flexibility allowing customers to cost effectively migrate to IP and add applications that level the playing field – as their business needs evolve.

Business Communications Manager Nortel BCM 50: This new compact Linux based main unit provides all of the processing for the feature set of traditional and IP telephony as well as hosting a rich set of software applications. The BCM 50 is a platform that delivers all the features of the larger BCM systems but for smaller business needing only 3 to 30 users in stand alone or networked configurations.  The BCM 50 handles up to 32 VoIP Phones and 12 IP trunks, making it an affordable business voice over IP solution.  Integrated features include Voice Over IP, Auto Attendant, Call Center, Unified Messaging, Customer Controlled Routing, and Interactive Voice Response.

Sample Configurations

Nortel BCM 50 – 2 trunk lines, 4 extensionsNortel BCM50 VoIP phone system, 4 mailboxes

Nortel BCM 50 – 4 trunk lines, 8 extensions, 8 mailboxes

Nortel BCM 50 – 4 trunk lines, 12 extensions, 12 mailboxes

Add IP telephony phones, Unified messaging, and more.

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  • Nortel BCM 50 Expansion: A compact chassis designed to accommodate one of the existing Media Bay Modules used by the larger BCM platforms. The Nortel BCM 50 main unit can be expanded through the connection of up to 2 external BCM 50 Expansion chassis NT9T6400. The expansion chassis is connected to the BCM 50 using a simple RJ-45 CAT5 cable and uses its own external power supply, which is included with the expansion module.
  • Small System Wall Mount Bracket: An inexpensive bracket designed for mounting the BCM50 or Expansion unit to a wall. An optional wiring card is also available for use with the wall mount bracket which provides RJ-45 connectors for all main unit trunk and station interfaces.

Small System Rack mount Shelf: An inexpensive shelf designed for mounting up to 4 BCM50 + expansion chassis into a standard 19 inch rack. An optional patch field is also available which provides RJ-45 connectors for all main unit trunk and station interface.

They are 12 digital station ports supporting the complete line of Business Series Telephones. They are 4 Analog Loop Supervised Trunk Lines in versions using North American networking standards. These ports are accessible through the front panel RJ-21 connector, or through the RJ-45 breakout kit, NNTAT0100.RJ-45 Breakout Adapter Kit add-in card mounts into the cable tray, providing RJ-45 connections for the main unit trunk and station interfaces. NNTAT0100

They are 4 Analog Stations, which interfaces with message waiting and Caller ID support in versions using North American networking standards. These ports are accessible through the front panel RJ-21 connector.

The compact Nortel BCM 50 base unit can support:

  • maximum 4 analog trunk lines
  • maximum 12 digital station sets
  • maximum 4 analog station sets (Passes Caller ID information)
  • maximum 32 VoIP station sets
  • maximum 12 IP trunk lines
  • 3 – RJ-45 LAN ports
  • optional 4 port router for ADSL to Ethernet, or Ethernet to Ethernet

Note: Keycode licenses must be purchased for the BCM50 trunk lines and station ports to work.

BCM50 trunk and station capacity can be expanded through the connection of up to 2 external BCM50 Expansion chassis. The expansion chassis is connected to the BCM50 using a simple RJ-45 CAT5 cable (provided) and uses its own, external power supply which is included.

The Expansion Chassis handles:Nortel BCM 50 Expansion cabinet, NNT9T6400

  • Digital station media bay
  • Analog station media bay
  • Digital trunk media bay
  • Analog trunk media bay

The Nortel Business Communications Manager 50, supports all the same media bay modules as the larger BCMs, but built for smaller businesses. NT9T6200 – NT9T6500 – NT9T6100

NORTEL BCM 50 with Optional Integrated Router

The BCM50 Communications Server is available with an optional integrated router. This option is tailored to the needs of small business, external data networking, such as internet access or for enterprise branch networking. By providing variants of the BCM50 with and without router capability BCM50 main module are provided with optional integrated router, depending on the WAN interface desired; Ethernet WAN and ADSL WAN.

Please Note: Local installation & training is available in the Toronto area

BCM50 Capability List

100 Ring Groups

30 Hunt Groups

Set based admin or LAN based admin

600 CLID log spaces

70-255 system speed dials

10 voicemail ports, 2 fax ports

100 hours of voicemail storage

Up to 12 IP Trunks available, including SIP trunks

Up to 32 IP sets supported

Nortel BST door phones now supported on BCM50 2.0 & BCM50 3.0

Fax messaging is supported

Unified messaging is supported

Nortel Intelligent & Basic Call Center supported

Nortel Call Center Reporting available

Mailboxes and Park & Page available

Up to 44 digital phones, using one expansion cabinet

Up to 1000 Mailboxes

One PRI supported, using one expansion cabinet

Keycodes are required for everything including expansion cabinets.

Nortel BCM50 uses a 40 GB SATA HD

Up to Two Expansion Cabinets are supported

One Media Bay Module per Expansion Cabinet, maximum two Cabinets

Dip switches not used

Nortel T7406 and DMC cordless now supported

BCM50 2.0 now supports up to 18 conference calls.

BCM50 3.0 now supports Meet Me Conferencing bridge.

BCM50 now includes Call Detail Reporting software from RSI


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